Your Google Maps Listing may be
Costing You Business
if you have NOT claimed your page yet!


Google Means Business!

Google has published TWICE before that they will penalize your business listing if you do not claim your page or update it on an ongoing basis. (I provide proof below)

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You Are At Risk From Losing Visibility On Google Maps!

Google May Be Deleting "My Business
Listings" That Are Unverified.
Have You Verified Yours?

In an effort to clean up their search results for Google My Business, Google is deleting unverified pages.

What Does This Mean To YOU?

Many small business owners are finding that they no longer have the online traffic or calls that they used to have. Many of their potential and current customers could not find information about their business. It was like the faucet was turned off.

While it is easy to claim your business yourself after a bit of research on how to do it, small business owners simply keep putting it off, or they received the verifying postcard from Google in the mail and were simply unsure how exactly what needed to happen next.


Google tries to make it as easy as possible for you to claim your business, however most business owners just do not have the time!

Why Use IMCS 360 To Help Claim Your Business Page?

IMCS 360 has been helping small business with local, targeted marketing since 2003. Our mission statement is simple: Help with heart. We believe in that.  When we say: How can we help you? It's more than simple pleasantries. It is the answer to the question that you have been looking for.  Randy Cole, owner and CEO of IMCS360 has been helping businesses because he feels very strongly about their place in the community and the need to see them thrive.  With the systems and tools we have in place, we can take any business at any level and help.

Google may not delete your listings, as they once claimed they would (they still like your advertising money) but your listing rankings & visibility WILL suffer if left unverified.

Here's what they said on their Webmaster Forums (TWICE - and they usually do what they say they will do)


Does your listing look like this?


If your Google Listing looks anything like the two images to the right, then you need some serious MOJO (help) with your Business Page. After all, it is THEIR (Google's) platform, and if they say you will lose visibility... YOU WILL!  Get it fixed NOW with our help!


Missing Info means Missing SALES!

Just click on that orange button to the right and you'll land on a page explaining EXACTLY how we can quickly move forward with getting your Google My Business page set up. Once it has been optimized (with keywords, logo, pictures, descriptive text, videos and more), you will most likely see more calls, walk-ins and interest in general in your business.  
Transparent Pricing, Timeline and expected ROI will all be outlined for you on that page.