Broken bridge to the emerald seaHack Agencies sell you a bridge to NOWHERE!

Ask them these qualifying questions:

What is the REAL ROI you are promising?
Do you have references I can call?
Can you prove the value of your idea or method?

In this day and age when helpful marketing technology is so inexpensive and accessible, there really is no need NOT to use it. But again, if ANYONE wants to sell you that bridge, or technology, or social media campaign, without discussing all the implications of that investment, look for someone else!

One of the main reasons for the high cost of marketing for the unknowing, especially for small business owners who simply do not have the time to carefully watch over every step of the campaign or even know how the campaign should be out together, is the lack of a strategy.

Strategy is everything. Seriously. One should not take a single step into the arena of marketing, whether on a local, regional or national level without first developing a marketing strategy that sets goals, milestones and defines what your success will be and the cost for attaining that success.

That’s where IMCS 360 comes in – offering over 30 years of marketing (with 18 years in Europe as partner of one of the leading direct marketing firms), direct response marketing, and over 17 years of online/offline marketing utilizing synergistic campaign tools and methods.

Let’s talk. Plan. Strategize.

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