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Being an Author gives you authority, credibility and expertise.

”A book is great for getting attention; because it's a multi-purpose marketing tool with unique and special abilities to create attention that you can turn into almost anything else you want -- sales, media, word of mouth, authority.”

Tucker Max

for "Entrepreneur

Here's how we'll move forward, customizing your eBook(s):

Gathering Info

The first step is capturing all of your business information: First and last name, phone numbers, website URLs, credentials (D.C. etc.) and other critical info. We can get this from your website.

Gathering Imagery

Next, we'll want to round up and bio-photos of yourself, the clinic, team and any products you sell. As well you'll want to send over marketing collateral; ads, logos, fonts used; critical for brands.

Customization Begins

The magic begins. We transform our professionally written eBooks into a work that solidly represents YOUR business, your voice. Give us about 1 week to get you the first review draft.

So, sit back & relax - we'll take it from here!

We will be sending you a very simple form with questions and boxes and lines and stuff.

This will help us to move forward quickly - so just relax until we get back in touch with you soon!

A Book Is the Ultimate in Content Marketing

“Who’s the authority on a subject? The author. The word 'authority' derives from the same Latin roots as author.  An author is literally the authority on a subject. When someone knows a lot about a topic, we say they “wrote the book”.

Jennifer Tribe
20-yr Publishing

A word from someone who has worked with us before...

“When I want to know 'what's next' in Internet advertising, Randy is who I turn to. His insight into new innovations is head-and-shoulders above others within our industry. I would recommend Randy as a resource if you are looking to increase your visibility in the digital space.”

Patrick Workman
Chief Commercial Officer @

About IMCS360 & Owner, Randy Cole

Randy Cole cut his book publishing teeth early on in Europe, where he lived for nearly 20 years as co- owner of a marketing and printing agency, which also served as a production company that designed and produced children's music books, classical and pop music books in Munich, Germany, for many of the world's leading publishing houses. In returning back to the States, he then managed the global online presence of a billion dollar company for nearly ten, while eventually moving away from the monolithic environment of corporate to begin helping smaller businesses with their online and direct marketing campaigns and presence. While still active in working with authors to make them best sellers on Amazon, walking them through the entire process of writing, editing and publishing their own book(s), he also enjoys life in the slow lane once in a while, painting fine art in his art studio, of which he has sold over a hundred paintings to local and international collectors.

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