More than likely your Citation Information, or business info, has not been properly updated on all citation sites. Citation sites are ones like (, Merchant Circle, Manta and all other directory sites where one would expect to find your full business info information.

Your Citation pages should also contain your logo, pictures of your products, service, vehicles, place of business and any other visual cues or images that will help your customer to better identify with your business or service.

IMCS 360 has access to a proprietary tool that can run a report on up to 20-30 citation sites at one time for your business. The tool will scrape all of the leading citation sites looking for any and all such info.

Another report that we can run (and this is highly advised) is a Reputation Report. This report will actually scrape the web for negative reports that might be out there on your business.

Whether you like it or not, people will be talking about your business and how good or how bad they think it is. You will not be able to stop that. But you can work against negative reviews. We can show you how.

Many businesses still have no idea how much a Google+ Business Page can influence their ranking – or lack thereof.

Google is desperately trying to compete with Facebook in the social arena and is banking heavily on Google+ to do that for them. For that reason, they are requiring that you take both your business profile page as well as your personal Google+ profile seriously.

We can show you how.

Well, that is a bit of a loaded question. Just the fact that you are having to ask it means, more than likely, that it has not yet been properly set up.

We can show you how, however, the subject definitely needs more coverage than the few paragraphs that this page can give you. Call us – let’s talk.

That’s easy – aside from 13 years+ managing the online presence for two billion dollar companies (one of them globally), we are also members in more than 5 absolute top notch online marketing mastermind groups. These people specialize in SEO, Facebook Marketing, PPC, Sales Funnels and more, and are usually either associated directly with Google, Facebook and/or other online entities (as previous top employees) and know their way around these platforms.

Being in a mastermind group means that my own experience is greatly enhanced and leveraged with the knowledge base and insight of more than 100 individuals world wide who practice cutting edge online marketing strategies day in and day out.