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Fender Bender Accident Guide

10 Smart Moves After A Car Accident:

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    10 Important "WHAT TO DO" tips - how to stay safe right after an accident. PARENTS - make sure your young drivers know what to do!
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    Accident Scene Sketch Map - Pre-designed diagram for you to sketch out what happened; driving direction, street names, intersections, traffic lanes... 
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    Capture The Other Person's Info: Use the handy pre-formatted form to capture valuable insurance info, VIN number, witness names, Insurance contact info and more.
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    Capture Vehicle Damage Points: Using the vehicle damage schematic, it's easy to mark damaged areas for future reference - keeps damage claim scams to a minimum.

It happens to every one of us at some point in time -
 We Get Into An Auto Accident. We forget to write out important information we wish we HAD later.

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“Many drivers beat themselves up over the accident, especially if they think it was avoidable.
To make matters worse, important facts about the accident get lost in the panic and confusion”

Instead of business cards, which get tossed, Chiropractors and Insurance Agents can now offer every single driver on the road this
Valuable Accident Safety Guide.

[Which people will keep forever!]


Increase Safety Awareness

Sometimes drivers are killed AFTER the accident because they do not follow safety protocols of getting out of traffic.

Avoid danger with our tips!


Offer Health Checkups

Often accident victims suffer whiplash, spinal or neck trauma, but are unaware of the dangers of leaving it untreated.

Get checked out for Whiplash!


Find New Patients/Clients

When your contact info is printed in this new guide, you are that much closer to becoming a trusted professional voice.

Be the one they turn to first!

All Ten Safety Tips Cover REAL Danger Scenarios

"You've just had an accident. Quickly check your body for signs of pain and/or broken or twisted bones before attempting to exit..." (step #2)

Knowing how to capture facts is critical after an accident. Knowing what to do and when and how to do it, is clearly outlined in this extremely helpful 10-Point guide.

That is why we suggest ALWAYS having ready in the glove compartment, allowing you to quickly read through it when you need it.

Each one of the ten sections consists of an easy to read title with a full explanation of EXACTLY how to remain safe after an accident.

Fender Bender Accident Guide Inside Pages

Includes handy schematics for marking direction of travel and damage to vehicle area.

We've also included schematics that make it easy to quickly draw EXACTLY where the two (or more) vehicles were positioned, what streets they were on, and direction of travel.

  • USABILITY: This is usually the kind of information that many people struggle to remember when it's time to fill out the official accident report.
  • BRANDING: The front of the brochure, as well as on the last interior panel offer room for your business logo, photo, business information, website, email and phone, etc.

Why Everyone Will WANT The
Fender Bender Safety Guide In Their Car...

Parents will want this for their children who drive - increasing their feeling of improving their young driver's safety factor during or after an accident.

Husbands will want their wives to have this handy safety guide in the glove box so that valuable information will not be forgotten in the aftermath of the accident.

EVERY DRIVER who has ever had an accident will want one, knowing full well how valuable this guide would have been right after an accident - helping to retain those "quickly forgotten" accident details.

How YOU Can Use The Guide As a Marketing Tool

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Business Cards often get TOSSED - But this guide will be so popular people will want to hang on to them for a long time!

Be honest with yourself - HOW MANY people really keep your business card? 
Most have misplaced it, run it through the washing machine, or just cannot find it when they need it.


But if they KNOW your info is in the car, where it's
supposed to be, guess what?...
99.99% of those same people will grab it out of the car and call your number when they need you!


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business info for optimal customization.
EVERY DRIVER IN YOUR CITY should have one of these in the car!

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So, still not sure drivers
really need this guide?
The stats alone speak to the number of
accidents there are on our streets every day.

Among passenger vehicle drivers ages 16-19 involved in crashes in 2012, 48 percent were involved in single-vehicle crashes. This was higher than for drivers ages 25 and older (39 percent).  That's a lot of young drivers who NEED a guide like this in times of stress!

We will only be offering this Fender Bender Guide to a limited number of partners in your community. So don't delay as it may give your competition the advantage and edge!

Once we have reached out to other chiropractors and insurance agents in your area, we will be accepting requests on a VERY LIMITED first-come-first-served basis - NO exceptions. 

The quality of the product speaks for itself, as the brochure is printed on a 100# cover sheet with custom pre-creased folding for the 'double gate' brochure effect. The cost has been held to a minimum in order to allow your investment to have as broad a reach as possible. 

The REAL cost comes from you NOT taking any action and your COMPETITION being allowed to place THEIR logo on the front of the guide and their business info on the sponsor panel.

It's a no-brainer - here's why...

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    EVERY driver needs this guide!
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    More far reaching than a biz card, which just gets tossed.
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    Can be used with partners like car dealerships, to enlarge your marketing reach
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    Low cost for maximum ROI and high retention of business info

All these now for just:


The above price is based on a one-time order of 1,000 Fender Bender Guides. You can, of course, order more at the same low price - simply reorder whenever stock runs low. 

Talk to us about the 1/2 cost when using a partner!


Order Your  Fender Bender Guide Today!

Ask yourself - How many PARENTS would love to have this safety guide in their kid's cars!!!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Frequently asked questions about the Fender Bender Guide:

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