Your Marketing Audit Is on It's Way - Here's some important info...

One of the first, and most important things for your business online, is having clean business information residing in online Citations (Directories which hold your business info - NAP = Name, Address and Phone number). This information can be, in many cases, wrong or incomplete - especially if your business moved fro one location to another.

Missing information, or wrong information means you are losing out on important sales because people searching for your products or services will not be as interested in your business, if the contact and info is all over the place and incorrect.

IMCS 360 will run an audit on your NAP and show you where you need to strengthen it. Below is an example of one such report (we run three distinct reports) - this company recently moved their offices, and now none of the directories know where their offices REALLY are (Wrong address, Not Verified, Different Business Name, etc.).

This is NOT GOOD, as Google, who wants visitors and searchers on their platform to have a pleasant experience, will actually start de-ranking you if this is not cleaned up over time.  The example below shows that only 21% are actually finding correct information about this business.