Marketing Automation is the new “Wunder Kind” (Wonder Child) of marketers who know how to grow your business. And they used to cost way too much for small businesses to even dream of using it. That is no longer the case!

Learn about a few of the elements and goals of your new automated marketing funnel…

  • Automation...
  • For Funnels
  • Ignore Marketing Automation & lose money!
  • How much will Automation Cost?
  • Use Your Content for Generating Leads
  • Create Specific and Relevant Offers
  • Find Out More With Surveys
  • Use Different Types Of Funnels
  • Mapping Out Your Funnels
  • We can help! Just ask.
Marketing Automation allows you to capture many more leads, turning those suspects into prospects as you place them in an automated funnel.
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don't ignore marketing automation
Ignoring marketing automation means you work harder for every penny and STILL lose opportunities, more than you can afford. Why miss out!?
The framework of a good marketing funnel can now start at around $90 a month (depending on how far you want to build it out) instead of the typical $500-$1000 per month.
As part of your marketing funnel, learn to drive traffic to keyword-based content. Then build triggers to drive them further down the path (Offers are considered triggers).
If someone clicks on an ad or on an article link having to do with Teeth Whitening, for example, then give them even more info to gain their trust in you Free Reports work well.
Using surveys is a good way to get to know who is actually interested in your product or service. Use this info for focused and targeted marketing campaigns.
Always choose the right kind of funnel to accomplish the goals you have set. Again, we are talking about STRATEGIES – they determine the paths and goals you set and want the visitor to go down.
We always map out exactly what our funnels are meant to do, where we want to drive our prospects, and what the end goals are to be.
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