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How To Get Started

The RADIUS POSTCARD MAILING STRATEGY is a laser-focused technique that shows you how to send out special & unique postcards to any neighborhood that you are going to be working in or have a roofing job already planned for in the near future.

After watching the video be sure to download the f-ree Radius Mailing Postcard Blueprint which walks you through the steps.

Learn how to:

• Start the mailing process

• Find the addresses on the right neighborhoods

• Get the USPS to deliver your cards EXACTLY where you want them

• Get constant drive-by responses when your team is on the roof

This Roofer's Blueprint will capture more jobs and prospects than you might have thought possible!

Please Note: The Blueprint will ONLY be sent to Roofing Companies to avoid misuse.

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Just let us know who you are and where to send the blueprint (valid email please) and we'll get it to you asap.


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