First Step – The Audit

You do not want to place your companies future, assets and/or marketing funds in the hands of ANYONE, including us, without having done due diligence and research.

The Audit helps to create complete transparency and insight into what’s currently working or not working with your marketing. But unlike how most expensive agencies work, we’ll also hand you a marketing road map you can build from – on day one.

Agencies, with their high overhead, created by a large staff and endless ‘design and project meetings’, where hours are racked up before any deliverables are even created, can eat through your precious budget in no time flat.

IMCS 360 would like you to consider us as your strategic partner when it comes to creating a solid plan for your online and offline marketing campaigns.

And if we don’t deliver sound, solid and manageable marketing campaigns or directives from the audit, you have our permission to take us out back and shoot us.

A suggested method for moving forward:

Whether you decide to work with us or not, these are the kinds of items a REAL agency should be interested in. If they are not, run the other way:

:: Know your history – Create that list of marketing efforts that seemed to bring customers in through the front door. These are the efforts that actually helped build your business.

:: Know your customer – Try to build what we call a persona, or identity, for that perfect customer. You know, the one who loves your product or service and would buy more (or refer you).

:: Know your competitors – This may sound like an easy one, but have you ever taken a good look at all those things your competitor does RIGHT? Why invent the wheel – learn from them and then beat them at their own game!

:: Know your market – Have you been ignoring the need to update your brand, services or products to meet the markets demand or needs? An audit should include that kind of research material for your marketing team.

:: Landing Pages or Sales Funnels – Most business do not have any of these set up, some don’t even know what they are. No worries, we’ll find them (or elements of them) in your business and then get them pumping on steroids!

:: Online / Offline Synergies – Those expensive Google Pay Per Click expenses aside, what synergies between online and offline does your business depend on to keep the doors open? (things that are NOT apparent to outside agencies are your needs for certain vendors, services, deliveries, etc.)

Once You Have Your Lists…

Once you have gone through this exercise of gathering all that critical data about your business, it’s time to find someone like IMCS 360 to work with. But before signing ANY contracts, talk with them first for a while and see what kind of important eye-opening information they might give you for free.

An agency who has no fear of spilling the beans and giving free, yet valuable advice is the one you should always choose above the others. And a good consultant will ALWAYS have a fairly solid view of your business before sitting down at the table.

Heck, you may even want to do it all on your own – we can teach you how.

But beware – the DIY world can be a minefield, slowly eating up your budget while you SLOWLY gain experience, jettisoning bad ideas for new ones, until you think you have it right – which still might not turn out so good.

We can probably give you more insight in a 2-hour consultation than you might learn in a month of research. After all, it’s what we do and we have been doing it for over 15 years!


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