Get NEW Customers from Local Business Offices close to you!

Whatever You're Selling, You'll Sell More With
Our Local Business Appreciation Card!

Our video explains how EASILY we can help you capture NEW LOCAL CUSTOMERS!

SHARE the cost but reap individual ROI and growth for YOUR Business!

Because you share the cost of design, printing, mailing and followup with a few other local businesses (never your competitor), your ad dollars go further!

The Business Appreciation Card Has TWO SIDES / FUNCTIONS:

Local Restaurants/eateries advertise on one side of the card with lunch offers for employees, staff & owners.


Business Office services companies offer Copiers, Water and/or Coffee Delivery, Computer Services on side two.


This synergy - Offers and Coupons, along with solid Office Services - makes for powerful advertising which gets placed INTO THE RIGHT HANDS... office managers, owners and employees who are looking for a great place to eat.

3 simple steps create a powerful marketing tool:

We find the BEST business for your ad or offer.

The Postcard is sent to business offices NEAR YOU.

You see fast results because of HYPER LOCAL ads.

NO SPRAY & PRAY marketing here! These postcards are sent specifically to businesses
IN YOUR AREA with an employee or staff force of at least 4 and up to 40 or more.

Just think about it - how often have YOU, or others in the office looked for a new restaurant or cafe to have lunch at?

Or, as a business owner, wanted to take the staff out for lunch as a reward for a job well done, or to show your appreciation and you task your office manager with finding "some place different to eat" for the occasion.

Don't you think they would appreciate having a large post card pinned to the board that is full of offers from local eateries, making their choices easier and just a bit less expensive!?  Well we can make that happen with your help!

Targeted Office Postcards Bring GREAT Results! And the shared cost makes it a true no-brainer!

Because the cost of the post card is shared by a small by highly selective group of advertisers, there is less cost for each business. What could be an insurmountable expense for the single business suddenly becomes easily doable for a much smaller investment.

When we read text alone, we are likely to remember only 10 percent of the information 3 days later. If that information is presented to us as text combined with a relevant image, we are likely to remember 65 percent of the information 3 days later.  THAT's one reason why our Postcard marketing is SO effective!

John Medina 
Brain Rules | 2008                 

Advertisers have known this for years. Whether it’s been a simple application like the Yellow Pages (ads with pictures got more business) or giant billboards in New York’s Times Square, VISUALS win over just text, every day!

Get In Now - This Card Fills Up FAST!!!

Ask yourself, is your current marketing effort promising as much laser-focused ROI as our Card?

4 solid reasons WHY our Office Services Post Cards are SO effective (vs. email, for example):

  • more memorable

ANOTHER REASON our postcards create customers - the One/Two COMBO (eatery offers AND local service/product offers) creates a card that people HOLD ON TO for weeks at a time, using the coupons.





business man holding postcard-479x300-B

Get in front of the PERFECT Customer!


Our Business Appreciation Cards

When you invest in marketing that is highly targeted and offers VALUE to the recipient, you have the perfect storm - people are ALWAYS looking to save.

Well, Businesses (and staff) are NO DIFFERENT! 

Everyone loves to save money, as well as meet B2B vendors who have the products and services they need, coming to them right on time - right into their offices, just when they need them.

After the postcards are sent, we follow up with the businesses with a survey-
Post Campaign Data can tell us a lot!

In order to help you realize the best and highest ROI from every penny you spend, we will be conducting an "Exit" survey with businesses who received the postcard. This will give us valuable information for future campaigns.

  • TANGIBLE INSIGHTS.  We'll collect insights from the businesses via a phone or email survey. We find out if the ads/offers were on point, or why they were not valuable enough for people to act on them. Let's be realistic - as business owners we already KNOW we have to have good offers & products if the market is going to buy.
  • LESSONS LEARNED.  Our survey of office staff, employees or the office manager, will help you to be more effective with your marketing in the future. This info will help you in presenting your product or service even better.
  • A/B TESTING and MOVING FORWARD.  Using the feedback we get, we'll create our next cards making any changes that might increase their effectiveness and sales/conversions. (Unless it was an absolute home run)

Yes, I want to be on your next card - SIGN ME UP Today!

3 EASY steps to be a part of the NEXT Local Business Appreciation Card:

  1. Prepare your best eatery offer or product/service ad: It's always a good idea to visualize your product. Find a way to make it tangible and appealing with an image or two. If you need help with that, just let us know! (Ad design not included)
  2. The Power of the Points List: Use a 'punch list' or bullet list to mention the most important benefits of your product. These are the things that make it a must-buy. 
  3. Time to Shine: be as specific as possible and always remember: it's about benefits, not features. You can mention features, of course, but always do so along with mentioning an important benefit.
business man holding postcard-479x300-B

OK - You've decided... You Want To Reach More Local Customers...

Just click below to contact us:

NOTE:  If YOU PASS on this opportunity - You will likely see YOUR COMPETITION on the card!
We know these cards work wonders, and will be moving forward quickly to fill it up.

Still not sure whether the 
Business Appreciation Card is for you?

I know how hard it is to make decisions sometimes about how to best spend your marketing dollars - you have a limited budget and you want the best Return On Investment. I get it.  Every savvy businessman wants that.

Ask yourself:
(a) whether your current marketing schemes are really working for you - are they bringing in NEW business?   AND 
(b) whether you have any marketing campaign in place that targets so many HYPER-LOCAL customers with an ad that stays visible for weeks on end to the very people you are marketing to?

The Business Appreciation Card is just that kind of marketing tool...

Finally See Great GREAT Results!

While we cannot guarantee results the truth is that you WILL see interest in your ads if you;
(1) create a great offer   and   (2) get it in front of them!

If you are offered a seat on a rocket ship, don't ask which seat - just get on!

Sheryl Sandberg 

P.S.: I am serious as an ice storm in the North Pole!  Your competition can't wait to take your place!

This style of targeted, effective visual marketing is highly sought after by businesses who want to spend SMART money. And they KNOW that sometimes opportunity only knocks once.

Right now is the time to get on board before another business locks in a year-long contract on those few remaining spots, locking YOU OUT for along, long time.