Your future customers need your guidance. Are you actively participating in their online conversations? You should be!


There is a constant conversation taking place online between people who are looking for information and help regarding your services. Friends and acquaintances are seeking, sharing, researching, looking for tips, strategies and referrals from their peers about local businesses all the time.

Today that conversation takes on many platforms and is found in many places;

  • Facebook (where conversations take place, including getting referrals from friends)
  • YouTube (where research and review videos are watched for self-educating)
  • Google Local (Reviews, Google Maps, Google My Business, Google+ page)
  • Testimonials / Reviews from third parties
  • Downloadable white papers/PDFs & case studies from your industry
  • Industry awards, accolades and mentions, PR, authority blogs, and more.


A DONE-FOR-YOU Digital Marketing Solution for your business, which can greatly enhance all your In- and Out-bound marketing efforts.

Using the Conversation Continuum, IMCS360 can provide your business with an optimized marketing voice using the following channels and marketing tools:

• FACEBOOK where conversations & referrals take place

• YOUTUBE where research & review videos are watched

• CONTENT CREATION for website / PR / Blogs / helpful downloads

• EMAIL AUTOMATION for lead capture/nurturing & drip campaigns

• GOOGLE Local Marketing SEO - get found locally

(more detailed info on each module will be provided upon request)

Putting all the pieces together with the right message, in the right place, at the right time, gives any business the ability to conquer and dominate their local market’s conversation - leading to solid growth.

Here is an example of how a Retirement Home or Care Facility might join the conversation:​


The key to success on Facebook, YouTube and Google is continuity of message. That means constant posting, interacting, commenting, sharing and activity in general will be rewarded with higher ranking and the love and attention of followers.

That is why IMCS360 is rolling out the Conversation Continuum Solution, as a done-for-you package.

Most businesses never really take the time to commit fully to meaningful interaction on a regular basis with the online community. Staff is also not trained on how to perform such tasks, nor do they possess the ‘conquest’ mindset it requires.

We get it. We do it. And have been for over 22+ years online now!

If you would like IMCS360 to help you build your business, please contact us NOW!