IMCS 360 brings more than 28+ years of professional experience in enterprise level Online Marketing, Web Development, Database & Project  Management and so much more, to your service.

Online Marketing is in a constant flux.
Those changes can be devastating for your business and marketing budget if you are not informed and remain flexible.

But as technologies and various “best practices” come and go, one thing is for certain – You will ALWAYS need CUSTOMERS if you are a business owner.

…and THAT’S is what we help you with – Customer Magnets!

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IMCS 360 [Internet Mastery Consulting Service] was originally founded by Randy R. Cole to help bring insight and understanding to small and mid-sized businesses regarding strategic and effective online marketing principles to brick and mortar stores.

Another huge motivation – being witness to business owners constantly getting ripped off by unscrupulous marketing agencies. After seeing it happen so often, he finally decided to do something about it and opened up a consulting firm to help business owners learn how to avoid such scoundrels.

Online/Offline marketing has become very confusing for many, with so many options and offerings. The head spins, the heart weakens, and the business owner either gives up, or hires someone who can manage it for him. That’s ok – IF the person hired knows what they are doing!

And do you have time to keep on top of it all?

Or would you rather be running your business?

We assume it is the latter – so let us help you!

A Few Pointers

Marketing Strategy Magic

Although it sometimes seems like magic, building an online/offline marketing strategy that will actually bring both current and new customers through your door is not that hard.

You just need all the right pieces to be placed in the right position at the right time.

Full 360 Consultation

Ever have an agency rep ask “So, tell me about your business”?  That is SO WRONG! If I am going to help you as a consultant, I should already know almost everything there is to know about your business. Otherwise, I am a fake and CANNOT help you.

Automation Is Important

Automation is extremely important. It is now available for businesses like yours, allowing you to capture, track and nurture customer relations and sales.

If your sales efforts are not automated, oyu are losing tremendous amounts of money. And I can prove it!

Marketing Automation Has Changed Everything – IMCS is concentrating on bringing automation to the smaller businesses who could not afford that luxury – and it is changing the game (and profits!) tremendously.

2012 was the year mobile began growing in ways never before seen by marketers. Mobile web sites and mobile coupons, QR Codes and much more became available for easy, quick and seamless marketing. That trend has only grown stronger in 2013 and IMCS 360 knows how to take full advantage of it all.

After 13 years of Corporate America, running two billion dollar online entities for a period of 13 years, Randy R. Cole left the Kuni Automotive Group to begin the journey of building his own one-man agency. Having done so for almost 20 years in Europe, this was not new territory and was a welcomed break from the formal corporate world.

Web Manager and Online Marketing Coordinator for 3 years for the Kuni Automotive Group out of Vancouver Washington. Member two years running of the elite AutoTrader, 20 dealership Dealership Advisory Board. Winner of the 2008 AAISP/Digital Dealer, Top Online Marketing Professional Award in Orlando, FL.

Web Manager for Columbia Sportswear Company, running the global online presence of,, and other corporate entities including advisor to all international online distributor sites and portals. Also helped initiate and train staff on MicroSoft SharePoint for global Intranet presence, and much, much more.

Testimonials: Mark Boyd, CSO

Randy is one of the finest individuals you will meet. He has a great mind and work ethic that goes way beyond normal. Creative, smart, and down right great to work with. I recommend Randy without reservation!

Bill Madden, IT Director”

Randy is very knowledgeable in all aspects of web services and e-marketing. He has a strong ability to apply current industry trends and look for best of breed products to facilitate e-Commerce. He is always keeping current on technological advancements and is hungry to seek new and better ways to achieve business results. He is personable and an excellent communicator who would be an asset to any team.

Patrick Workman, Facebook

When I want to know ‘what’s next’ in Internet advertising, Randy is who I turn to. His insight into new innovations is head-and-shoulders above others within our industry. I would recommend Randy as a resource if you are looking to increase your visibility in the digital space.

Andrew Gross, Business Performance Leader

Randy has taken Kuni Automotive’s e-commerce sales to profitable levels not contemplated, nor realized previously. He has provided the organization an exciting, yet cost-effective platform for success.